The Best Of SEO Technique

In the headline with the title the best SEO techniques is as usual if it is out of ideas for updating existing posts and found that invites penalty shoot keyword, then I am interested nimbrung even without a prize. Nemu in place of the Arif who is a natural SEO partner I had always been in the arena of gun-bedilan keywords with various models of SEO techniques, from Jablay SEO techniques, SEO mucus, to the best SEO and SEO Miyabi! LOL.

The best SEO technique in my opinion is still like my first statement that is natural, that is oriented content, indeed with many tools the generator can be the best moment in the search engines, but based on who has-been, SEO techniques like that are just keywords content normally shoot a little old not long, a lot is for example, I myself often ngalamin dah when initially SERP are in the best position after the saw miraculous months later lost a total of circulation, and after investigation the keyword keyowrd lost to it’s search-engine located on the page which only contains the keyword shooting, and the best content for an original fit five criteria below, have for years until now is still the best positioned.

SEO Optimization techniques using blogspot as on this blog is forgiveness-forgiveness weight if you want competed with the web using wordpress for example, due to the limited features that support variations also link perngarsipan structural problems at, this problem as I recall once I discuss on the blog it but forgot the title, later I will update this post if you’ve met (nyari bother posting a link in the hundreds).

No other formula which best teknik.SEO Also:

1. Most first introduce a keyword phrase into the Search Engines
2. Original, not Copy paste
3. Expand BackLink
4. Maximize setting templates / themes
5. Do not even think about using a fraudulent way, because this is like playing around on the edge of a cliff, once mired could die.

Okay, hopefully this post can inspire simple-Best SEO techniques and serve as a lesson, inspiration, and motivation in the search engine will analyze, at least my version.

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